Customers Testimonials – Green Towing

Here’s what people are saying about us:

“I seriously could not believe how professional these guys were. My car battery gave up on me during a long distance road trip. As soon as I called up Green Towing, a very friendly rep took my details, and send a technician right away. This is the first time a technician actually showed up on time when they said they would. Wow, these guys sure arrive fast! The nice tech professional was already helping me before I even got off the phone. It took the tech around 20 minutes or so to jump start the cables. He also gave me plenty of useful tips to keep my car battery going for longer durations of time. I really can’t thank Green Towing enough for the magnificent level of customer care and services. It just doesn’t get better than that!” Brian

“Green Towing has the best customer support I’ve ever dealt with in my life! The sweet young lady was patient enough to stay with me on the phone, until the towing operator showed up. I was worried about being left on the road for several hours before help would arrive. That’s never the case with these professionals. You can really depend on them to be there for you when you need them most. My cousin mentioned them to me, since he had a great experience working with them in the past. You won’t believe how fast they arrive to help. I was really amazed at the overall level of hospitality they give their customers. It’s one thing to have excellent services, but it truly warms your heart to know that people out there genuinely care about your safety and well-being. I would highly recommend Green Towing to everyone.” – Samantha

“I knew exactly who to call when it was moving day. My wife and I relocated to the Riverside area a couple of months ago, and need a long distance haul for the journey. We heard great things about Green Towing, and I can actually verify all the wonderful feedback in person. They don’t just strap your vehicle with force or attach it unsafely to the dolly. Their method was really safe and extremely careful. You don’t have to worry about the tow truck driver hitting any bumps in the road, since they drive super carefully. Moving day was a joyous occasion for us, and Green Towing helped make it possible. They’ll give you a terrific quote beforehand, so you don’t have to wonder about surprise fees. You’ll also receive a level of care you’ve never experienced in your life. They go out of their way to make sure you’re safe and fully satisfied with the services. I would definitely use Green Locksmith again. Thanks once again.” – Lenny

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